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Bantry Bay Units

This project was certainly a unique and singular event. The client decided on polished concrete items only at a very late stage. So late in fact, that the removal of the overhead crane had already been planned and the main contractor was left with little or no options  for adaptation.

World of Decorative Concrete came to the inevitable conclusion that the client’s wishes could only be accommodated by providing our polished concrete items as precast items instead of in-situ concrete.

Pool copings, benches, staircases, tables and counter tops were manufactured in advance at our factory, then ground and polished and finally installed on site.

The client also insisted on ground and polished floors on the roof terrace of the 7th floor of the building. This necessitated the decision by World of Decorative Concrete to rather cast concrete tiles of 1200 x 600 x 30mm at the factory. The terrace was then tiled to ensure an impressive polished concrete floor.

Even though everybody had high expectations, the solutions and the end results surprised and delighted us all.

This was no ordinary project, by any means, since we had to overcome obstacles of time and space constraints, lack of construction apparatus and help – not to mention a great many other concerns both smaller and greater.