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CMC Auto Panel

The owners of CMC Auto Panel were adamant about their choice of floor finish for their new workshop. As assigned panelbeaters for world famous motor manufacturers such as Porsche, Cadillac, Mercedes-Benz, BMW etc, they attached great significance to the right selection of flooring to complement the high-flying echelon of motor manufacturers that they service.

Their choice of white ground and polished concrete flooring was therefore spot on. The durability of this floor was an important criterium, but so also was the high gloss finish of the white polished concrete floor. This gloss offers a high level of light reflection, an important consideration for the specialised work undertaken by CMC Auto Panel.

Of equal importance to World of Decorative Concrete was the need to comply with and possibly even exceed client expectations. Our first objective was to select the right partners with the required quality and service attributes demanded for a white polished concrete floor. World of Decorative Concrete  approached LaFarge as product supplier.

World of Decorative Concrete performed key functions in preparing the concrete batch mix, first by sourcing the white aggregate and then with the design itself. LaFarge and World of Decorative Concrete  were both involved in the concrete batch mix, which was first tested in the laboratory before actual casting commenced. White concrete offers a special set of difficulties and differs from ordinary grey concrete in that it hardens much faster, with consequent pressure on suppliers and the casting of the concrete itself. It was a nervewracking process for LaFarge to prevent aggreagate contamination in the white concrete mix.

The ability to grind and polish white concrete flooring is another problematic area. Not all ground and polished concrete floor contractors can deliver products of quality and consistency. In this respect, World of Decorative Concrete   is fortunate to have mastered the process and  can justifiably claim to produce white polished concrete flooring of the highest quality.

World of Decorative Concrete  has undoubtedly been able to deliver the right product to properly satisfy the demands and expectations of our client by producing an upmarket white polished concrete floor with a high gloss finish  and a fantastic appearance.