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Food Lovers Market

By any standard, these 4200m²  of polished concrete floors were a stern test for the World of Decorative Concrete and La Farge partnership .

It took over a year of negotiations and deliberations between the client and the above-mentioned partnership before we were given the final go-ahead to install polished concrete floors.

It was no easy process for Food Lovers Market to relinquish their preference for their traditional floor finishes and accept Artevia Ground  Polish floors.

The client then specified white floors with a particular aggregate to be sourced only from Namibia. During the process both the Lafarge operational team, with World of Decorative Concrete facilitating the project, had to diverge somewhat from their normal work procedures, but the end result made it all worthwhile.

The white Artevia Polish Concrete Floors provide a definitive high quality floor finish with maximum reflectivity, servicability and distinct functionality.

This floor has instantly become “the talk of the town” and indeed the benchmark for the industry from this point on.

The owner of  Food Lovers Market gave a clear statement about this at the grand opening of the shop: “The floor that we want in our shops”.

There is no doubt about it: this floor has to be seen to be admired.