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Manenberg Civic Centre

With this project, the architect set out to design a building to be a durable and identifiably authentic part of the surrounding area.

The walls were constructed with sandbags filled with sand from the immediate area and then plastered over (see picture).

On some walls, the architect employed galvanized sheeting as external wall cladding.

In order to achieve “green” status for the project, the architect made extensive use of off shutter finishes for the internal and external concrete walls. These feature walls display in turn a wood grain, as well as off shutter finishes. By attaching barbed wire fencing to the off shutter panels, the connection between the concrete and the surrounding area was made complete.

Polished concrete floors were extensively used as floor finishes  and form part of its clean, open and durable appearance. In turn, the high gloss of the polished concrete floors help to reduce dependence on electricity and aid in saving energy.

This is an iconic project for the use of concrete and a building that the architect has successful incorporated into its surroundings.