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University of Stellenbosch, Tygerberg Auditorium

Peter Kraus from MLB Architects in Cape Town contacted World of Decorative Concrete to discuss certain floor finishes for the new Auditorium at the Tygerberg Campus of the University of Stellenbosch.

The Architect’s focus was to specify concrete finishes in their design.

The structural concrete elements were all specified as off shutter.  The idea of a polished concrete floor peaked their interest during the first briefing and they wished to discuss this with their client.  During further meetings it was decided on a polished concrete floor. Because it is a huge open area at the entrance of the building, they were afraid that the product would appear too one-dimensional. The suggestion was then put on the table to play around with two different colours.

As the client was already familiar with the durability and functionality of the polished concrete, it was an easy choice to play with two colours.

The Architects chose panels of normal grey concrete with black aggregate and 4% charcoal concrete with black aggregate adjacent to it. World of Decorative Concrete had to guarantee that the mixes would be constant, so we suggested a partner in this matter namely Lafarge.

With the problems during the design of the two different colour panels behind us, the Architects increased the scope of work by including the outside area which included steps and claddings.  They also required polished concrete here but suggested a non slip finish.

The above-mentioned claddings were a definite challenge, but one that World of Decorative Concrete carried out with success.

These functional polished concrete floors are more and more the preferred product of choice at the University of Stellenbosch and can be recommended.

World of Decorative Concrete can say with pride and utmost certainty, we make it work, where others step back from a challenge like this.

Please have a look at the pictures – a Picture tells a thousand stories.