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Sandown Retail Crossing

In his design for the centre, the architect incorporated partially covered walkways purposefully exposed to the natural elements, with a view to creating and maintaining a natural flow between the shops to the walkways and the parking terrain beyond.


The abundance of natural light led the architect to specify maximum reflection from the floor surfaces in order to minimise dependence on electrical lighting. To this end, Artevia Polish offered the ideal floor finish to achieve the design specifications with a durable and functional floor finish to match.

A significant part of the design requirement was to limit expansion joints and/or grouting grooves as much as possible.  This specification on the part of the designer was intended to prevent pushcart wheel vibration.

At present, the 2400m² of Artevia Polish Concrete walkways are providing the centre with low maintenance floors, yet with an elegant, natural and durable finish. The natural high gloss flooring has set a high reference standard for other centres to attempt to emulate.

This floor is undoubtedly a testimonial to the quality standards achieved with Artevia Polish, but as importantly,  clear evidence of the industry leading and trendsetting partnership between World of Decorative Concrete and Lafarge.

By: Johan Coetzee

QS Concrete Grinding & Polishing